Nista Thai Pad

Nista Thai Pads were designed for true athletes in training, as they feature a variety factors meant to assist in continuous hours of training. The pads are ergonomically contoured, have a suede lining, and pad enforced straps; it's safe to say your arms will rest easy. As for withstanding abuse, the exterior is constructed of our premium EXO-Valex™ Engineered Leather, are Nuro-Stitched, and the pads are layered with Sinter™ Foam.

  • Constructed with our premium EXO-Valex™ Engineered Leather
  • Layered with Sinter™ Foam to form a barrage of shock-absorbent padding 
  • Nuro-stitch throughout; stitched together using our durable nylon threads.
  • Easy strap closure enforced with soft pads.
  • Sold as single - Dimensions: 14.5"x7.5"x4.5"