• Vali | Nista Reflex Boxing Bar Freestanding Spinning Bag For Punching

Nista Reflex Bar

The Nista Reflex Bar is a freestanding bag that combines a spinning rapid-reflex boxing bar, paddle target and spring mounted striking ball to create a multi-functional training tool. Great for perfecting your punching speed, precision, slipping, blocking, combinations, and more.  The bar is constructed of padded stainless steel with encased precision bearings, for true, uninhibited revolutions. The paddle target is padded steel and the spring mounted striking ball is a dense molded foam that makes them ideal for all punches, strikes and combinations. Optimally designed to handle the force of competitive athletes, and challenge the quickest of hands. 

  • Adjusts from 60” to 78” High
  • Sealed encased precision bearings
  • Stable suction cup base
  • Filled with sand or water
  • Dense molded foam ball
  • Padded stainless steel bar
  • Boxing Bar 34” Long, Base 20” Wide