What Are Hybrid MMA Gloves?

What Are Hybrid MMA Gloves?

Background on Hybrid Gloves


Training MMA is no easy feat, and engaging in something so demanding can put your body and your mind under a real strain. That's why it's important to have the necessary equipment for enduring intensive training. Being smart about fighting, is dependent on being even smarter about training MMA; that means staying safe first and foremost.

It's essential that you train as close as possible to the way you’ll fight in a match, but much as you want to stimulate a real fight, you don't want to overwhelm your body. To put it bluntly, sparring with 4 oz fight gloves daily on a basis is a bad idea. Although using boxing gloves in MMA sparring, wouldn't make much sense either. That's why Nista Hybrid MMA gloves were created. 

Hybrid mixed martial arts (MMA) gloves are exactly what they sound like; a "hybrid" between boxing gloves and MMA gloves. These gloves enable the agility found in MMA gloves without having to compromise on protection. Another reason the name is suits them well is because because they are designed to serve grapplers and strikers equally well.

Often referred to as "Sparring" MMA gloves, they are more cushioned with padding on the knuckles than other MMA gloves, and are ideal for performing drills on strike-takedown combos, ground and pound, and other MMA and defense combinations. In addition to being great for sparring in MMA, they are used for quicker movement on hitting pads or heavy bags. 

The extra padding is effectively reducing the damage absorbed by your hands and softens the overall impact taken by coach or training partner, making them better equipped for high intensity MMA sparring.

There is a downside to the thick knuckle padding, which is that it is more difficult to obtain specific grips during the grappling portion of MMA class. Although this is a tradeoff that is well worth the added protection and endurance of training sessions.

If you'd like to get a pair of MMA gloves yourself, be sure to check out Nista Hybrid Gloves.